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2013 Guangzhou Yazhan-SGXM-1800 × 5 Five layer co extrusion high barrier film energy-saving blow molding machine





SGXM-1800 × The five layer co extrusion high barrier film energy-saving blow molding unit is composed of five single screw extruders and DGXM-1800 auxiliary machines.
⑴. The main engine is driven by direct drive high torque motor (water-cooled type) and its driver for stepless speed regulation;
⑵. The die head adopts the five layer coextrusion cone superposed spiral die head with international advanced new runner technology;
⑶. The main machine and die head shall be heated in an efficient and energy-saving way;
(4) The upper traction rotating device adopts direct drive horizontal ± 360 ° reciprocating rotation;
(5) The internal cooling system (IBC) uses a three-point ultrasonic probe to automatically measure and control the size of the membrane bubble;
(6) Configure a new aluminum alloy electric squirrel cage foam stabilizer;
(7) Configure electric herringbone plate (aluminum guide roller adopts Ф 50 with stiffeners);
(8) Configure ultrasonic automatic correction device;
(9) Configure the central winder (active, passive and gap winding);
(10) Configure the automatic thickness measurement system and automatic wind ring regulating system (with its own control system) of German PC Company;
(11) The control system adopts Mitsubishi PLC centralized control technology.

2013 Guangzhou Yazhan-SGXM