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Qiu Dongming, Chairman of the Company, was interviewed by the reporter of Global Flexible Packaging Industry



Reporter: Thank you very much for accepting our interview.
Q: Please give us a detailed introduction about your company's export order (such as the customer's enterprise, product situation, reasons for customer selection, product advantages, etc.).
A: The 7-layer co extrusion high barrier blown film production line on display was ordered by a customer in South America. After we launched this equipment at the Guangzhou Yashi Conference in 2009, it attracted the attention of users at home and abroad. In October of the same year, customers from South America came to the company to inspect the equipment, and we tested it on the site for customers. At that time, the materials of the third and fifth layers were PA (nylon). After the test run, the customer was satisfied and asked to bring the test sample back to China for testing. At the same time, we also sent the samples to the "National Food Quality and Safety Supervision and Inspection Center" in Beijing for testing, and the results showed that the water vapor transmission, oxygen transmission, tensile strength, peeling force (vertical/horizontal) and other indicators were excellent. In January this year, we received an order for the equipment from the customer. At the same time, the customer also put forward some suggestions on the improvement of the equipment, especially the transmission part of the host requires replacing the high-power servo direct drive motor. We ordered the motor from a famous German company, but the delivery time was five months later. So now the customer has just come to the company for acceptance. We consider to show the technology of the 7-layer equipment through this acceptance, so as to further expand our company's influence in the domestic and foreign markets. There are two main reasons for customers to choose us: first, the stability of the equipment is good, and the key is to produce qualified products of high barrier films to meet customer needs; Second, it is cost-effective.
Q: Our export order this time is a seven layer high barrier blown film production unit. What do you think of the future application prospects of the seven layer high barrier film? Now, three layers and five layers are widely used in China. Which films will be favored by customers in the future, and why?
A: We believe that with the development of domestic economy, the application of high barrier blown film production units will be more and more extensive, mainly including the following three points: from the functional point of view, the seven layer units can produce symmetrical and asymmetric high barrier film products, which is irreplaceable for the three layer and five layer units; In terms of production process, the seven layer machine can extrude PE, PA, EVOH and Tie at the same time, while the three layer machine can not; From the perspective of production cost, different coextrusion structures can be designed according to the needs of different customers, and customers can also design different formulas according to the market demand to reduce the traditional compounding and coating processes and reduce production costs.
Due to the high technology content, great manufacturing difficulty and complex production process of the 7-tier equipment, most domestic high-end users are imported from abroad, but the price of foreign equipment is expensive (more than 20 million yuan per set). The vast majority of domestic customers with demand cannot afford it. But with the economic development, many domestic customers began to consider ordering. By digesting and absorbing international advanced technology, our company has begun to mature its seven tier equipment manufacturing technology through continuous research and development, and the market for this equipment is also maturing. It is time for us to provide a 7-storey unit with excellent cost performance ratio to meet the needs of the market and customers. The equipment is very competitive in the international market, and many customers in the domestic market have started to negotiate with us to order it. The market prospect is very good.
Q: What is the customer's demand for film blowing technology now? What is the development trend of film blowing technology in the future? What are the technical difficulties? Are there differences between domestic and foreign countries?
Answer: Due to the continuous progress of high-speed bag making machine and high-speed printing machine technology, the requirements for film blowing technology are also getting higher and higher. It is required that the thickness uniformity of the film should reach 5% to 6%, the film should have good plasticization and high transparency, and the film surface should have no crystal points. This requires equipment manufacturers to have their own core technology in the molding system, and the requirements for manufacturing accuracy and control accuracy are also getting higher and higher. At present, compared with the advanced manufacturing level abroad, the performance price ratio of domestic similar models is 10-20 times. There is still a long way to go to revitalize the manufacturing level of domestic film blowing equipment and digest and absorb foreign advanced technology, which also shows that there is a great space for us to develop film blowing equipment.
Q: What will the company's future product development focus on in response to customer needs? Are there any new products or technologies under development?
A: In view of the needs of the current market and the consideration of the future market, our company will do a good job in product research and development from two aspects.
First, the company's brand strategy "low carbon plastic machine Hubei light machine" as the core throughout the entire research and development work. We note that energy conservation and environmental protection will be the theme of the market in the future. For this reason, we have done a lot of technical research and development on how to reduce the energy consumption of film blowing equipment. We have integrated three technologies of the plastic machine, including host optimization, heating innovation and IBC efficiency. At the Shanghai Yashi Fair this year, the three-layer co extrusion energy-saving unit launched by our company attracted great attention from the market. A customer from Southeast Asia came to the company to check and accept the equipment after ordering, and the test data showed that the power consumption per ton of membrane products was within 280 degrees. We have made a big step in energy-saving units. In the future, we will continue to develop and innovate on energy-saving and high-yield film blowing units, and strive to reduce production costs for downstream customers.
Second, innovation for "precision" is the main line of our research and development work. The word "precision" is the main line of product design, processing, assembly, control technology and supporting procurement. The technology of film blowing equipment is fully integrated from die head, host, traction, winding and control system, and the distance from international advanced manufacturers in technical level and manufacturing accuracy is gradually narrowed.
We initially consider introducing new technology units at the 2011 Guangzhou Yashi Conference. Research and develop automatic air ring and online thickness measuring device, adopt modular design in the whole production line, and use fully automatic computer closed-loop control to realize remote communication.
Q: The competition in the industry is very fierce. How do you make your products win good reputation among customers? What is the purpose and philosophy of the service?
A: The competition in the industry is very fierce now. How to jump out of the vicious competition and go our own way is a problem that our company must think about. Therefore, we put forward the "word of mouth" marketing strategy. The starting point and the end point of the company's work are all around how to make their products win a good "reputation" among customers.
We believe that products not only refer to pre production, during production, post production, pre-sales, sales and after-sales, but also include pre purchase, during purchase and after purchase. The primary task of the company is to effectively grasp the real problems of customers. All work of the enterprise should start with the problems of customers. Only by finding the problems of customers is equal to finding your own opportunities. There is no small matter in the market and no big matter in the company. The problem of customers is the biggest thing in the company, which has become the consensus of all employees of our company. Consumers (customers) are the largest shareholders (demand stocks) of the company.
Q: What are the characteristics of the management model that your company has summarized for its own development after years of development?
A: We always put improving the company's soft power in the first place, for which we have formulated a series of development strategies.
Corporate philosophy: giving priority to world service and honesty
Product concept: design first-class products to ensure first-class quality
Adhere to first-class service and observe first-class reputation
Brand strategy: low carbon plastic machinery, Hubei Light Machinery
Marketing strategy: meet customers' needs and achieve marketing with "word of mouth"
R&D strategy: seeking "refinement" and innovation
Production management: pay attention to details and implement "5S" management
The company's business policy: to develop the plastic machine manufacturing industry in a low cost, high starting point and fission way, and to establish a modern enterprise with bold core competitiveness, the company takes concept updating as the power, innovation and pragmatism as the guide, capital operation as the link, and internal and external linkage as the way.
Competitiveness of Enterprises: Stand in the Future and Arrange Today
Our strategies are not slogans. Each of them has rich connotation and operable contents. We are implementing these strategies.