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Introduction to Hubei Light Machinery Development in Recent Three Years



Low carbon plastic machine Hubei Light Machinery
1、 Company Profile
Hubei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hubei Light Machinery") is located in Wuhan, China, the central city of the central region, which is the thoroughfare of nine provinces. It is a professional backbone enterprise producing plastic extrusion blow film production lines in China. The company has introduced complete sets of German manufacturing equipment and advanced technology. Through decades of digestion, absorption and innovation, it has formed a professional plastic machinery manufacturer integrating R&D, design and manufacturing, with an annual production capacity of 200 sets. The "Hubei Qingji" brand plastic extrusion blow film production line is not only exported to Northern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions, but also sold well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the mainland. The company is committed to the professional R&D and manufacturing of multi-layer plastic extrusion blow film production line according to the product guiding ideology of "specialty, precision and excellence". After decades of unremitting efforts, "Hubei Light Machinery" has gained high popularity at home and abroad, won unanimous praise from users, and established a good corporate image and brand effect.
The development of Hubei Light Jet has not been smooth. From 2003 to 2007, Hubei Light Jet experienced the second overall restructuring of state-owned enterprises. This restructuring lasted for a long time and was difficult. During this period, most of the market has been lost, and the company is facing the critical moment of survival. However, Hubei Light Machinery Co., Ltd., by introducing strategic investors, adhered to the path of restructuring and development, overcame various internal and external difficulties, successfully completed the restructuring task of the enterprise in 2008, and the state-owned capital safely withdrew. It is precisely because of this profound change that the enterprise has been reborn by introducing powerful strategic investors.
When production was resumed, the pain of reform appeared again. Because some employees set up new stoves to compete with the company for the market, and spread rumors in the market: "Hubei Light Machine went bankrupt", "investors came to Hubei Light Machine's land, not to develop plastic machines", "who bought the equipment of the light machine, after-sales service will not be guaranteed in the future", etc, At that time, it set a huge invisible obstacle for Hubei Light Machinery to return to the plastic machine market. On the other hand, the remaining staff and workers were suddenly transformed from the old system, and could not adapt to the new requirements for the time being. In view of such a difficult situation, Hubei Light Machinery Co., Ltd., under the leadership of the new board of directors, went forward in the face of difficulties and quickly came up with a series of response measures. It took about a year to train the managers and employees while producing and operating, adjust the company's governance structure in a timely manner, and gradually establish a modern enterprise system.
Hubei Light Machinery Co., Ltd. is based on the development of plastic machines. Therefore, when the company resumed production of plastic machines in 2008, it was based on a high starting point, high standards and high requirements. First of all, the company established the enterprise development concept of "giving priority to the world and putting honesty first", and established the enterprise management and development strategy of "word of mouth marketing" and "brand management". With down-to-earth, hard work and one step at a time, Hubei Light has achieved three leaps through three years of efforts. In 2008, the company achieved a great leap from stopping production and restructuring to resuming production and operation; The seven floor co extrusion unit developed in 2009 achieved a great leap forward in design, production and sales in the same year; In 2010, low-carbon energy-saving units were successfully developed, achieving a great leap in overseas sales. The launch of the seven storey unit and the low carbon energy-saving unit marked that Hubei Light Machinery has entered the advanced ranks of China's plastic machinery again.
The fact that Hubei Light Machinery has achieved three leaps in three years proves once again the strong determination and confidence of Hubei Light Machinery to develop advanced plastic machinery, which makes the rumors on the market break.
It is especially gratifying that the customers who suffered from the fraud have returned to Hubei Light Jet and brought new customers. Seeing the continuous development and progress of our company, some foreign trade customers have strengthened their cooperation with our company, and more and more overseas customers have established direct contact with us.
2、 Development Ideas of Hubei Light Machinery
The rapid development of Hubei Light Jet has benefited from the enterprise culture spirit of Hubei Light Jet, which is determined to forge ahead, constantly strive for self-improvement and dare to be the first; Thanks to the independent innovation, industrial deepening and adherence to the corporate marketing cultural concept of "word of mouth marketing" of Hubei Light Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hubei Light Machinery Co., Ltd. puts strategic positioning and development in the first place. Through the implementation of the strategy, we can improve the soft power of the enterprise and achieve the goal of improving the "brand" of the enterprise. Therefore, we have defined a series of enterprise development strategies.
Corporate philosophy: to help the world first, honesty first.
Product concept: design first-class products to ensure first-class quality.
Adhere to first-class service and observe first-class reputation.
Brand strategy: low carbon plastic machine, Hubei light machine.
Marketing strategy: meet the needs of customers and achieve marketing with "word of mouth".
R&D strategy: strive for "refinement" and innovation.
Production management: pay attention to details and implement "5S" management.
Business policy.
Core competitiveness: Stand in the future and arrange today.
Our strategies are not slogans. Each of them has rich connotation and operable content. We are implementing these strategies.
2. Characteristics of human resources
⑴ There are senior engineers who enjoy the expert allowance of the State Council.
⑵ There is a product research and development team that combines the old, the middle and the young.
(3) A group of operation technicians with practical experience.
The professional and technical personnel were sent out for training and internal training irregularly, and were assessed according to the performance appraisal scheme specified by the company, which mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of various personnel.
3. Input characteristics
① Focusing on the research and development of advanced technology of plastic machines, the company introduced the manufacturing process and manufacturing technology of German Leffenhouse film blowing machine, ensuring the progressiveness of product manufacturing design and production process.
② Equipment input: TC2.8K four axis linkage machining center, CNC lathe, CNC drilling machine and other equipment from Germany are imported to ensure the precision and reliability of die head processing of key parts of the plastic machine.
③ R&D investment: The company invests 2 million yuan annually in the development of new products and technology integration to ensure that products are leading in product technology in the region. The company has successively introduced various technical talents to strengthen the R&D force. Now the R&D center has set up the R&D department of mainframe die head, the R&D department of traction winding, and the R&D department of control technology. The technical R&D has entered the path of specialized R&D.
④ Strong investment and financing capacity. After the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, strategic investors will be introduced to implement the shareholding system reform. There is a complete set of investment and financing management mechanisms.
4. Product features
① Every year, advanced technologies of plastic machines are introduced and introduced.
Three layer series (1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400) up spinning internal cooling units have been researched and developed. We have introduced and introduced advanced technologies of plastic machines every year. The new products are recognized by users because of their high technical content and added value.
In terms of updating and reforming the old equipment, in recent years, advanced technologies such as up rotation, IBC (internal cooling), automatic winding and unloading, electric foam stabilizing frame, electric herringbone board, full automatic computer touch screen (single screen, dual screen) closed-loop control system, electromagnetic heating, high-power direct drive motor, and rectification system transformation have been introduced.
The multi-layer co extrusion unit produced by the company has advanced technology and perfect production process. Five layer co extrusion and seven layer co extrusion have been put into production and exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam and other countries. At present, the company is developing nine layer and eleven layer co extrusion equipment.
② Absorb and digest the international advanced technology level, and develop energy-saving units.
In the domestic film blowing industry, it is the first to introduce electromagnetic heating for the host machine and die head. This technology is combined with colleges and universities and scientific research departments to solve the technical difficulties of electromagnetic interference and integrate the application of German "Baumiller" high-power direct drive servo motor with international advanced energy-saving technology. Three technologies are integrated in the manufacturing of energy-saving units: host optimization, heating innovation and IBC efficiency. The energy-saving unit can save 45.5% electricity compared with similar units, and the power consumption per ton of membrane products is less than 280 degrees.
5. Product configuration characteristics
Product configuration: in order to ensure the stability of unit production, the selection of key components shall be optimized.
① Host machine: "Sima" AC motor and ABB motor produced by Xi'an Electric Machinery Factory in China are used. The reducer is made in Changzhou International Trade. It has no oil leakage, no temperature rise and low noise during long operation. The inverter is selected from Japan's Yaskawa, ABB and other international brands, which has the advantage of good stability.
② Heating system: select more stable heating elements. Cast aluminum heating, ceramic heating and electromagnetic heating have the advantages of high thermal efficiency and low failure rate.
③ Deviation correction device: Guangzhou Sanming, an ultrasonic deviation correction device, has the advantage of good stability.
④ Up and down traction and automatic winding drive: adopt direct connection mode, compact structure, and reduce energy consumption.
⑤ Automatic winding and unloading: FESTO rodless cylinder and foreign advanced technology are adopted to ensure fast and accurate film cutting and even winding.
⑥ Electrical components: host AC contactor and circuit breaker are from Schneider of France, temperature controller is from RKC of Japan, and solid-state relay is from Mingyang of Taiwan to reduce the failure rate of electrical components.
⑦ The domestic famous brands Changzhou Huibang, Zhongsheng Electromechanical and Huaxi Electronics are used for temperature control meters, electricity meters, air switches, etc.
6. Production process characteristics
① Advanced processing technology is adopted, especially the processing technology of die head is strictly controlled. There are strict detection regulations in forging, heat treatment, finishing, polishing and hard chrome plating, so as to meet the production requirements of various films.
② The hardware of the production equipment is good, which guarantees the manufacturing standards that must be met for the manufacturing of mechanical parts. All the key parts of the plastic machine are produced by our company, so as to avoid the impact of the external processing accuracy error on the product quality.
③ The production shall be organized in strict accordance with the manufacturing license of Rafenhower House and the qualified process standards granted by German Rafenhower House.
7. After sales service characteristics
Now the industry competition is very fierce. How to jump out of the vicious competition and take our own way is a problem that our company must think about. Therefore, we put forward the "word of mouth" marketing strategy. The starting point and the end point of the company's work are all around how to make their products win a good "reputation" among customers.
We believe that products not only refer to pre production, during production, post production, pre-sales, sales and after-sales, but also include pre purchase, during purchase and after purchase. The primary task of the company is to effectively grasp the real problems of customers. All work of the enterprise should start with the problems of customers. Only by finding the problems of customers is equal to finding your own opportunities. There is no small matter in the market and no big matter in the company. The problem of customers is the biggest thing in the company, which has become the consensus of all employees of our company. Consumers (customers) are the largest shareholders (demand stocks) of the company. Let customers truly experience when they order our equipment that they are satisfied with the purchase, can use it with confidence, and have no worries.
Pre sales: After the equipment is manufactured, test the machine, and then notify the customer to go to the factory for pre acceptance. Strictly control the product quality, find problems in time, solve problems on the site, eliminate the products with quality problems from leaving the factory, properly package the sold equipment, place the transportation and hoisting position, and avoid damage during the transportation of the products.
In sales: do a good job in product installation and debugging, and ensure that the installation and debugging are "one-step", so as to avoid finding some technical difficulties in the installation and debugging that cannot be solved, extending the installation and debugging time, and bringing economic losses to customers. (That is, many trial runs, unqualified products, and many wastes).
After sales: During the warranty period of the equipment, strictly follow the contract commitment and implement the "three guarantees". The customer must send maintenance personnel to the production place about 1200 km in 24 hours, and to the place more than 1200 km in 48 hours. Under special circumstances, send technicians to solve the after-sales service problems by air.
After sales service includes:
⑴。 Filing of customer data
⑵。 Technical consulting services
⑶。 Customer hotline support
⑷。 Customer Complaint Center
⑸。 Customer survey and customer satisfaction evaluation
⑹。 Regular customer follow-up
⑺。 Regular after-sales service report
8. After sales service troubleshooting process
3、 Take the road of low carbon (energy-saving) plastic machine development, keep pace with the times and innovate constantly
In view of the current market needs and future market considerations, our company will do a good job in product research and development from the following two aspects.
On the one hand, the company's brand strategy "Low Carbon Plastic Machinery Hubei Light Machinery" as the core runs through the entire research and development work. We note that energy conservation and environmental protection will be the theme of the market in the future. For this reason, we have done a lot of technical research and development on how to reduce the energy consumption of film blowing equipment. We have integrated three technologies of the plastic machine, including host optimization, heating innovation and IBC efficiency. At the Shanghai Yashi Fair in 2010, the energy-saving units launched by our company attracted great attention from the market. A customer from Southeast Asia came to the company to check and accept the equipment after ordering, and the test data showed that the power consumption per ton of membrane products was within 280 degrees. We have made a big step in energy-saving units. In the future, we will continue to develop and innovate on energy-saving and high-yield film blowing units, and strive to reduce production costs for downstream customers.
On the other hand, the main line of our research and development work is to strive for "precision" and innovation. The word "precision" is used as the main line for product design, processing, assembly, control technology and supporting procurement. The technology integration of film blowing equipment is carried out comprehensively from die head, host, traction, winding and control system, and the distance between the technology level and manufacturing accuracy of international advanced manufacturers is gradually narrowed.
Under the guidance of the R&D strategy, the company's R&D personnel have put new products and technologies on the market every year through three years of continuous exploration efforts, which has been recognized by users at home and abroad.
Since the resumption of production in 2008, technical innovation has been carried out on the old products, and new traction racks, IBC (internal cooling) and horizontal traction rotary units have been introduced, which makes the old products look new and adapt to the new needs of market customers. At the on-site exhibition held by Hubei Light Machinery Co., Ltd. that year, it was praised by users and received orders on the spot.
After we launched the seven layer co extrusion high barrier blown film production line equipment at the Guangzhou Yashi Conference in 2009, it attracted the attention of users at home and abroad. In October of the same year, customers from South America came to the company to inspect the equipment, and we tested the equipment on the site for customers to see. At that time, the materials of the third and fifth layers were PA (nylon). After the test run, the customer was satisfied and asked to bring the test run samples back to China for testing. At the same time, we also sent the samples to the "National Food Quality and Safety Supervision and Inspection Center" in Beijing for testing, and the results showed that the water vapor transmission, oxygen transmission, tensile strength, peeling force (vertical/horizontal) and other indicators were excellent. In January this year, we received an order for the equipment from the customer. At the same time, the customer also put forward some suggestions on the improvement of the equipment, especially the transmission part of the host requires replacing the high-power servo direct drive motor. We ordered the motor from a famous German company, but the delivery time was five months later. In June 2010, the customer came to the company to check and accept the equipment. There are two main reasons for customers to choose us: first, the stability of the equipment is good, and the key is to produce qualified products of high barrier films to meet customer needs; Second, it is cost-effective.
In 2010, we made clear the brand strategy of "Low Carbon Plastic Machinery Hubei Light Machinery". We have developed an advanced low-carbon energy-saving plastic extrusion and film blowing unit, which integrates three major technologies: host optimization, heating innovation, and IBC efficiency. At the 24th China International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition held in Shanghai in 2010, it attracted the attention of many plastic manufacturers