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Hubei Light Machinery advocates the development of low carbon plastic machines and self innovative energy-saving technologies



The Copenhagen Conference has made "low carbon economy" the latest theme of global attention, and Copenhagen has made "low carbon" from concept to benefit. Hubei Light Machinery attaches great importance to R&D, focusing on the reserve of medium and long-term strategic technologies; Integrate the existing low carbon technologies in the market and rapidly promote and apply them. At the company's technology research and development meeting recently, President Qiu emphasized that the independent innovation of energy saving technologies is the first issue for the enterprise's low carbon development. Through independent research and development, the light machine has launched corresponding products or the energy-saving technologies used in the products include the electromagnetic heating technology used for the heating of the host machine and the die head to improve its thermal efficiency. The heating efficiency ratio is up to 85%, which is 30% - 60% less energy than the traditional resistance heating; The transmission structure of the host part adopts servo motor, which can save 20% energy compared with the traditional motor acceleration and reduction gearbox transmission mode.
Hubei Light Machinery invests scientific research funds every year to develop and produce green products, guide customers to apply new products, adapt to the development of low-carbon economy, and strive to build the brand of "low-carbon plastic machinery, Hubei Light Machinery".
President Qiu also stressed that energy conservation and emission reduction is the trend of the times, and enterprises should be responsible for promoting energy-saving products. Light machinery will continue to adhere to the low-carbon development model, and spare no effort to promote the popularization of green products by taking advantage of its own technological advantages, so as to achieve win-win economic benefits and social responsibilities.

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